Final Extraction

Westin Force book 5

His mate is gone. His life is empty. Survival is all he has left.

When an unexpected ally gives Silas Granger a shimmer of hope, he’ll stop at nothing to find the truth. His hatred for the Raglan has increased exponentially. It’s no longer a job—it’s personal. Silas will fight to the death until they are permanently ended.

Vada has spent her life in captivity. It’s all she knows. She has accepted her fate on the inside but will do anything to shield others from it. She works selflessly and tirelessly to get as many shifters out as possible.

When the opportunity arises to eliminate the Raglan for good, Vada and Silas must work together to save them all in one final extraction.

There will be many challenges and obstacles they must find their way through that could bring them closer together or push them even further apart. Will this big gruff leader of Bravo company finally get his own happily ever after?

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