Website Updated

When you have books releasing as often as I do, it's easy to get behind on website updates, but today I took a few minutes to do just that. Two new pages have been added: Recommended Reading ListI get asked all the time "What book should I start with?" or "What order...

#indiebooklist Week 24 – Ignited by Desni Dantone

This week's featured book is Ignited, by Desni Dantone. I'll post the blurb below, but first let me tell you my thoughts. First, Desni is amazing as a writer and as a person. If you aren't familiar with her books, look them up and give her a try. It's been several...

We Did It!!!

If you missed it yesterday, the Fated Mates boxset hit #111 on the USA Today Bestseller list! Yesterday was a day of celebration. Today I need to thank each and everyone of you that stuck it out and supported the Fated Mates boxset project. THANK YOU!!! Without those...

Julie Trettel


12321546_186688628344632_9136479652243938153_n-2Julie Trettel is a USA Today Bestselling Author of paranormal romance. Author of a growing list of series, including Westin Pack, Collier Pack, ARC Shifters, and The Compounders, she not only writes PNR, but also dystopian/post-apocalyptic and fantasy. She resides in Richmond, VA with her husband, four fabulous kids, two idiot dogs who don’t know they aren’t puppies anymore, and enough fish to charge admission as an aquarium. 

Julie comes from a long line of storytellers and can’t remember a time when writing and daydreaming weren’t a part of daily life. Guess you could say she comes by it honestly. It may have taken her 38 years to answer the age old question “What do you want to do when you grow up?” but she can finally answer with certainty. “I want to be a writer!”

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