Day 8 – After the Highs comes the Lows

On a multi-week trip there's bound to be a couple snags along the way. Let me back it up a little on a couple things I didn't mention already. Arizona has the BEST sunsets! New Mexico has really terrible roads! And,, things got strange as we entered Roswell. This...

Day 7 – Living my best life

We awoke early (on purpose) and headed back to Yavapai Point to watch the sun rise on the Grand Canyon. It is a spectacular thing to see and I highly recommend if you ever get the chance. Watching the canyon come alive in the morning light will be another...

Day 6 – Arches National Park

After a good night's sleep in Moab, Utah we were up and ready to go. Breakfast was good...bacon! Most hotels tend to serve sausage so it felt like a treat. It's the little things! To save money we rarely eat out twice, so free breakfast means we can easily snack...

Julie Trettel


12321546_186688628344632_9136479652243938153_n-2Julie Trettel is a USA Today Bestselling Author of paranormal romance. Author of a growing list of series, including Westin Pack, Collier Pack, ARC Shifters, and The Compounders, she not only writes PNR, but also dystopian/post-apocalyptic and fantasy. She resides in Richmond, VA with her husband, four fabulous kids, two idiot dogs who don’t know they aren’t puppies anymore, and enough fish to charge admission as an aquarium. 

Julie comes from a long line of storytellers and can’t remember a time when writing and daydreaming weren’t a part of daily life. Guess you could say she comes by it honestly. It may have taken her 38 years to answer the age old question “What do you want to do when you grow up?” but she can finally answer with certainty. “I want to be a writer!”

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