Wow, where to even begin? 20booksVegas was more than I had even hoped for. I’ll be weeding through notes, rewatching videos, and dissecting everything I learned probably through the end of the year. It was SO MUCH. Craig Martelle and team did an amazing job. Everything ran seamlessly.

For those of you wondering, what the heck is 20booksVegas, he’s the short of it. Michael Anderle, who happens to be among the biggest names in the Indie writers world, started a FaceBook group called 20booksto50k a few years back. It’s grown quickly and is a place for indie authors to support each other, share information, and ask questions. It has been an invaluable resource for me as I began my indie journey in June of this year. Craig Martele, of 20booksto50k took it one step further and organized this writers convention, an indie writers convention by indie writers. There were approximately 450 people in attendance and truly just an amazing experience. Indies supporting Indies! I love that concept so much, and 20booksVegas epitomized it.

I am very grateful for the opportunity to go and learn from some of the best in the business. I have a list of take-aways a mile long, and no doubt it will help take my books to the next level! Already I’ve begun implementing some of this new knowledge by venturing into AMS ads, that’s ads on Amazon. The last time I even looked at AMS it was so intimidating to me, but this time I faced it with confidence, armed with information learned at 20booksVegas, and I’m excited to see where it takes me!

Here’s a few conference pics, though I’ll admit, I was far too busy learning and meeting new people to take many pics.






After the conference ended I had another day and a half in Vegas. I was able to get some sightseeing in and spend some time with my dear online friend, and Compounders fan, Tiffany and her family. Tiffany and I have been talking for nearly a decade, so it was awesome to finally meet her in person!

I also was able to visit Red Rock Canyon:






And finally Hoover Dam! Oh my giddy heart, Hoover Dam is like a Compounders dream come true. Check out my instagram feed for some great pics of the tunnel and inside the dam. And I’ll be posting even more pics of my adventures on Facebook, so be on the lookout there too. For now, here’s a few last pics from Hoover Dam. 







20booksVegas was definitely a life-changing event. I cannot wait to see where it leads from here!