by Julie Trettel

Let the games begin!

When an exclusive invitation arrives requiring his presence at The Shifter Trials, the last thing Kian wants to do is accept. But with the growing tension between the klaws, he knows he must step up and compete for best of the best amongst the Panthers and defend his pride’s honor.

The last thing he needs is a distraction. But one whiff of the stubborn, jaded beauty at the side of his enemy has Kian struggling to control his panther, let alone compete in the Trials.

Kian knows there’s a lot more at stake than just a trophy and bragging rights if he is to prove himself worthy of the Trials and win the heart of the most prideful woman he’s ever met.

But then he’s never been one to back down from a challenge.

by Aidy Award

He was the Second Wyvern of the Blue Dragons, which meant he’d been chosen above all others for his prowess, his cunning, his fighting abilities, and that one special skill all Blue Dragon Warriors had, his ability to find anything.

He was the best.

Granny lost her favorite reading glasses? Taika could find it.

Little tyke lost his homework for school? Taika knew exactly where it was.

Missing car keys? Lost sunnies? Doggo gone walk-about? Taika was the one everyone called. He could find anything.

Except his one true mate.

by Addison Carmichael

She will win these deadly Wolf Games and prove them all wrong!

Tenacious daughter of Alexia Raine and Neil Bryant, military enforcer 
Laila Bryant is determined to win the lethal Wolf Challenge Games that pits the best of the best in strategy, strength and resourcefulness. No matter that she’s a smaller and less experienced werewolf than her tall, brawny male competitors. And the fact that she’s a female.

Not that she has anything to prove. Exactly.

Well, except the fact that as a member of the royal alpha family and the Prime General’s daughter everyone in the entire competition believes Laila was only accepted due to political favors and not her expert skills and abilities.

An easy elimination.

Morons, the lot of them. She 
will win this entire event, along with the coveted invitation to compete in the ultimate Shifter Challenge Trials, then prove them all wrong! Including her ex-boyfriend Master-Sergeant Joel Grant who she was blackmailed into having as her training coach. Because it’s obvious that this sexy-hot wolfman is playing his own hunting game in order to take her down.

Bring it on then. Playtime is over.

by Alyssa Rose Ivy


It is time to come out of the shadows…

Garrison is done hiding. His family has been laying low for generations, but not anymore. He will be the one to reclaim his family’s place with the supernatural elite.

When an invitation to the Shifter Trials arrives he knows he finally has his chance.

Harper has no interest in attending the Shifter Trials with her roommate, but she can’t turn down the opportunity to make some extra cash. Her college tuition isn’t going to pay itself.

After years of hiding who she is, she’s ready to reveal it all to find a way to pay for her dreams.

When Garrison and Harper cross paths sparks fly, and the outcome of the Shifter Trials isn’t the only thing at stake.