In the next six weeks I’ll be releasing THREE (3) new books!

Hope you are excited and ready for this.

I’ve been working hard preparing Jake, Tyler, and Micah’s stories for you.

When I originally set my 2022 schedule I did so knowing that February is always painfully slow for me. For whatever reason, and it’s not just because of the short month, February is notoriously my least profitable month. The last 3 years February has been my worst profit per day, so really the fact there are only 28 days is only part of the problem.

I really have no idea what it is about February, but this year I set out to fix it.


3 releases in 6 weeks of course. LOL Okay, that didn’t exactly happen on purpose. Even I’m not quite that crazy. LOL

I stacked Waging War at the end of January knowing it would hold strong into February.

BUT when I went to look at my 2022 release calendar I remembered my February dilemma and scheduled Forgotten Promise as a February releases…. having forgotten I’d already set Feb up for success with Waging War.

THEN Melissa Haag and I had been planning this duology set: Shifter Marked and Claimed, and we had agreed that it needed to be written and done by 12/31/2021 and then we’d figure out the rest (so fear not, no need to hyperventilate on my behalf after my procrastination post last week – Micah’s story is already written and ready to roll out). When we started talking release dates we both agreed that 2/22/22 is just too cool of a date to pass up on.

Hence, three releases in six weeks!

This year, if preorders are any indication, if February is my lowest month of 2022–I’m gonna be way more than okay with that!

I cannot wait to share these new stories with you.

Waging War is the 6th and final book in my Westin Force series releasing January 27th.
I know you’re sad to see this series end, but I do have new and exciting things coming down the way. In fact, there will be a special announcement in the back of this book.

Waging War is Jake and Alaina’s story.
As you probably know by now, Jake is the lone human on Westin Force Bravo team. And Alaina… yeah, you’re going to have to read the book to find out her story! LOL

Our cool, calm, and collected conman who spends more time undercover than as himself, struggles to even talk to the girl of his dreams. Lucky for him, with a little bit of help from friends, Alaina’s willing to give him a chance anyway. They have a lot of obstacles to overcome, like the fact that she’s a potential threat to his team leaving him torn between his Bravo brotherhood and a possible future with a woman he could see himself spending the rest of his life with.

That’s not even close to the full story that’s about to unfold in Waging War as the Raglan make a resurgence and threaten Westin Pack and many secrets are unraveled along the way. This book has it all and will leave you on the edge of your seat.
WARNING: Waging War could cause severe book hangover!


Forgotten Promise is book 8 in my ARC Shifters series.
This is Tyler’s story. It’s been a while since he really shined around the doghouse. If you need a refresher, Tyler was Karis’s boyfriend when she first got to the ARC before she met Damon. The one that Damon wanted to kill and prevent from ever joining the DOGs.

Now it’s Tyler’s turn to find his true mate in this childhood friends reconnected, sorta second chance romance. I mean she was his first kiss even if they were just kids.

When Josie comes to the ARC to visit a friend from back home, the last thing she expects to find is Tyler. Her whole life she’s held on to her memories of him and used them as a shield to keep others from getting too close, and he’s her one true mate. Josie struggles with the emotions of the bond and her own self-preservation from the one person she doesn’t know how to shield her heart from.


Shifter Marked and Claimed is a two story set with Melissa Haag.
My story is Healing Fate. This is Micah’s story. If you need a memory refresher, Micah is the super sexy Westin Pack physician.

When Micah’s mate moves to town, she comes with a lot of baggage, and secrets. She has her reasons for not trusting others and will protect her daughter at all costs. Unsure if she will stay in Westin Pack, the last thing she wants is to find her one true mate. Will Micah have the patience to heal her heart? Or will she run before he even has a chance to try?

Melissa’s story in this set is Royally Dragon Bound.
Don’t pet my dragon. He bites.

I’m no princess, and Vidar is no prince. Yet, I was no less royally screwed the minute I asked him for help. Turns out, granting that kind of favor makes us dragon bound, and that’s something I did not sign up for.

NOTE: We do not have it up on preorder for Amazon yet. Honestly it may not be able to happen. We’re looking into it, BUT I assure you that it WILL be coming to Amazon for purchase for Kindle. Just mark your calendar for 2/22/22 or keep checking back at this link to see if we’ve gotten it resolved yet. New markets will continue to be added as they become available.