Random fact of the day………..

My favorite character in the entire series was NOT part of the original outline for this book.  He was only supposed to be a minor support character I needed in a few scenes.  He kind of snuck in on me and grew in personality way more than I had ever planned till I was like, what the heck, where did he come from?  My husband even laughed at me saying its my story and I decide who’s important and who’s not, but I don’t really feel that way when writing.  I feel more like the story is already there and I’m just the instrument putting it to paper.  I get it’s ultimately just my imagination, but I really don’t change what comes out.  I just go with it!  So this character has gone on to alter the course for all subsequent books as well!  And I keep saying, I really hope he doesn’t get hurt and I don’t have to kill him off at some point!  It would kill me to do it!  LOL

Who’s your favorite character?