First,  Happy News Year!  This is the time for resolutions and changes and there’s some big ones going on in the Trettel house. Of course I broke my first 2 resolutions on Jan 1, but then I’ve never been all that great with resolutions!   I do however plan to keep at least one and that it to write daily.

Two big things going on this week that will have me on the quiet side for blogging and Facebook.

  1.  My son,  Roman, who is 16 and aspires to continue playing football through college started a new and intense training routine yesterday.   As he won’t get his license for a few more months (it’s a Virginia thing) I’ve committed to taking him…. 4 days a week at 6am.  ?  So this week is a huge adjustment as we struggle to leave the house by 5:20 each morning.  And we are so not morning people!
  2. With this new schedule I have 2 dedicated hours every morning while he trains to write!   And I am feverishly writing this week as I finish out Book 2 of The Compounders.   Hoping my next blog post will be confirmation that 1st draft is complete.

In the meantime,  all’s quiet heading into the New Year!