The Shifter Trials is a passion project I have been working on for quite some time and I can finally share it with you!

Four books by four authors all set in the same place as these shifters compete for best of the best in their breed or species. Think of The Shifter Trials as the Olympics of shifters!

I’ve teamed up with: Aidy Award, Addison Carmichael, and Alyssa Rose Ivy!

Each author was handpicked based on existing series that I personally love. This year there are four competitions to uncover the best WOLF, DRAGON, BIRD, and PANTHER! And no, I am not writing a wolf. For me, this is Kian’s story, my panther from ARC Shifters and you aren’t going to want to miss it. It’s going to be epic!!!

Each book will publish individually on June 21st.

  • Standalones
  • Read in any order
  • Each book linked to an existing series/world you will fall in love with
  • All books converge in the mountains of Tennessee as shifters come together to compete for the coveted title
  • Expect recurring Trials characters.
  • Each book will focus on 3 competitive events before a victor is named.
  • It’s paranormal romance, of course there are true mates roaming about.
  • HEA – check!

I haven’t been this excited about a new series in a long time.

PREORDER links are up and I truly hope you’ll grab them all!
Julie Trettel: Panther’s Promise –
Addison Carmichael, Wolf Games –
Aidy Award, Play Me –
Alyssa Rose Ivy, Forgotten Wings –

I’ll be sharing lots more over the 3 month wait till release, but for now, check out these covers!!!