There’s always something so exciting as an author about getting that 1st draft completed.  It’s like sprinting to that finish line after a long marathon and that’s exactly what I did with this book.  It came together quickly and I am super excited to share it with you all.  However, I’m not going to tell you much about this one at this time except that is in the Compounders series but it is not Book 3.  It’s actually the little detour book I mentioned last month.  I am currently working on Book 3 though.

I’m not sure how to fully describe what it’s like to finish writing a book.  I’ve been asked many times.  And completing what will soon become my 3rd published book is well, exhilarating!   I know it still has a long ways to go….. read through, clean up, content reads, editing, final draft, and on through the craziness that comes with publishing….. but a 1st draft means all my basic plans for this particular book have been pulled from me and put to paper (okay, typed in a document!).

I think my outlook on this book has been a little different.  For one I’m very familiar with the characters by now and the way it aligns I was very familiar with the story that needed to be told.  But also, when I wrote Book 1 of the Compounders, I had no intentions of ever really letting anyone else read it.  I wrote it for me, to prove to myself I could and because I simply couldn’t get the story out of my head, it needed to be told, plus that little bit about the hubs daring me to write a book in a year certainly provoked the competitive side of me to keep going.  When I started book 2 there had been mentions of “this should be published” but nothing was even in the works, so while I definitely knew it would be published by the time I finished book 2, I wasn’t in that mindset from the start.  I was still writing very much for me.  But this one, this one I knew from day 1 that it was already under contract and would be published and I don’t think it changed my writing process or ideas one single bit, but my personal attitudes towards it did change.  I wasn’t writing it strictly for myself this time.

Writing is definitely a process and there are so many methods and thoughts on the writing process it’s mind blowing.  The short and simple of it is to have an idea.  Start writing.  Write as much and as often as you can.  Believe me, I’ve been quite creative on when and where I can squeeze in time for writing.  My personal life is extremely busy without this added task.  And if I can do it, anyone can do it!  Every single word counts, so even if you only have 10 minutes a day to write 3 sentences, that’s 3 sentences you didn’t have yesterday and trust me, every minute spent, every word written adds up quickly.

The writing process I use is a simple one.  I am not a plotter – someone who outlines and plans and structures their writing before starting a new piece.  I am most definitely what the writing world knows as a pantser – someone who writes by the seat of her pants, creative, free-flowing writing.  I actually did attempt to plot this latest piece.  I mean it falls in line with my other books, so I knew exactly where and when it started and exactly where and when it would end.  I knew exactly what needed to be covered in this period, and you know what… I ended up chucking that outline anyway because the characters speak to me and guide the path of my books, no matter how crazy that sounds.  Every time I try to force a direction with a plotted outline they rebel and choose a completely different one.

Some people are far more structured, but the outcome, with continued perseverance is still the same.  And while the method of which I write with the mentality of just get it all out of my head and on to paper and then worry about piecing it together and cleaning it up isn’t necessarily for everyone, it works for me.  I write in pieces like a puzzle.  As I near the end I do go back through and reorganize as needed and I write until the very least piece of the puzzle is in place and that is my first draft.  It’s not always pretty, yet it’s all there.

If you’re aspiring to write yourself, and I’ve spoken with literally hundreds of people who are, I encourage you to do so.  It is a rewarding and fun experience to see your writing through till the very end, and I love talking with people about writing.  Feel free to look me up on Facebook and message me anytime if you need encourage or have any questions!

OH, and on a final note, cause yes, everyone’s still asking…. no change or update regarding Book 2 at this time.  You’ll all hear me screaming in joy from the rooftops when that changes, I promise!