ARC Shifters

Karis Begay is the only surviving heir to the Begay wolves of the Alaskan Pack. Someday she will take her place as Pack Mother which is a lifelong burden she has always carried with pride. It kept her isolated from others and hesitant to let anyone close to her. As she enters her freshman year at Archibald Reynolds College, no one knows who she is or who she is destined to become. It’s a chance at a fresh start, and just maybe… the beginning of something new.

Damon Rossi has been on his own, torn between two packs, most of his life. His true family was found in his brothers of Delta Omega Gamma. Sadness and depression loom over him as he faces his senior year not ready to move on to the next chapter in his life. That is, until he catches the scent of his one true mate. That scent drives his wolf wild as Damon struggles to dominate the previously docile creature as it surges with newfound powers he doesn’t understand.

Damon will do anything to be with Karis, but how will he respond when she tells him her secret—mating her seals his fate as Alpha.

When Karis’s life is threatened, Damon’s powers peak. Can he control them? Or will his wolf be too powerful? Will he find peace with his spirit animal in time to save Karis or face the regret of lost love?

Ember “Emmy” Kenston was raised in the spotlight when all she wanted was to be invisible. A self-proclaimed book nerd, she must live up to the expectations of being the daughter of one of Hollywood’s biggest actresses. Retreating to Archibald Reynolds College gives her a fresh start where she attends classes and happily spends her evenings in the library trying not to be noticed, but Chad notices anyway. 

Chad is a squirrel shifter and the only non-canine in the D.O.G. House. He’s totally gorgeous, in the warmer seasons at least, and has made quite the name for himself around campus. Most of the school year he has girls throwing themselves at him, but he’s seen how his brothers are with their true mates, and wants nothing less than to be loved for who he is, not for his summer body. As long as she’s a squirrel of course. 

Longing for a mate in no way prepares him for the moment when he first hears her inside his head. The problem is, Ember doesn’t know what’s happening. And worse, Chad’s biggest fear is realised…her animal spirit is not a squirrel.

Can Chad push past his prejudices and accept her as his mate? Or will he turn away from his one true mate forever? That is, if he can even catch her when she freaks out and runs as fast as she can in the opposite direction.

Jade Michaels is a coyote shifter who rebels against society and embraces the negative stereotypes of her kind. Her father bailed on her mother the second she found out she was pregnant leaving Jade to believe that true mates are nothing more than fabricated fairytales. At the start of her senior year at the ARC, Jade is determined to leave her mark and embarks on a campus wide inclusion campaign. Her #1 goal is to take down Greek Row.

Brett Evans was the youngest president of his Delta Omega Gamma chapter and currently also resides as the president of Greek Row at the ARC. He learns of Jade’s crusade when the school administration begins to push back and insist the Greeks become more inclusive. When he goes to crash a campus bonfire party Jade is hosting, he gets much more than he bargains for! Jade Michaels, his sworn enemy is his one true mate.

They may both be coyote shifters, but at first glance that appears to the be the only thing these two have in common.

When they stumble across a deep, dark secret within the walls of the ARC, will they be able to set their differences aside to save the school? Or will their own prejudices towards each other be the fall of Archibald Reynolds?

Jackson Holt is about to graduate college, but he isn’t ready to grow up just yet. He hasn’t realized his dreams of being a gaming designer. He knows once he leaves the ARC, that dream might as well be flushed down the toilet. His parents were ready for him to come home and take on a real job within the Pack. Something respectable and boring that he would do almost anything to rebuke.

He’s already added a fifth year for his undergraduate degree, but his time at the ARC is closing fast.

A chance encounter online late one-night pairs him with a team featuring his biggest gaming rival. The team needs an extra player for the big upcoming National Gaming Championship. The one he failed to qualify for on his own. The very one he had tickets for in hopes to pitch one of his games. When he agrees to join them, he doesn’t know his life is about to change forever, in more ways than one.

Tobi Black has lived a sheltered life. Leaving her pack’s territory for the first time is scary, but something she has to do. This was her chance to shine and prove to herself and others that she was good enough to play with the best of the best in the gaming community.

When one of her teammates drops out at the last minute, she’s forced to take on her biggest enemy, or forfeit the Championship. No way was that happening. Besides, they were all in for a big surprise, because wolfhunter247 was coming to play to win. And nothing was going to get in her way. Not even the hot sexy shifter she can’t decide if she hates or is falling in love with.

He’s made it clear I’m not what he wants. It’s time to prove him wrong. I’ll do whatever it takes to change his mind. I’m a wolf not a chicken shifter.

Jessie Parker rang in the new year with a bang, or at least that’s how it felt when she saw her one true mate for the very first time. Then, he ghosted her.

For the last year she has done everything possible to avoid being home. The ARC has been her safe haven, but there’s no way her parents will let her escape coming home for the holidays.

Problem: Collier Pack is way too small to think she won’t cross paths with him again and she’s not sure her heart can survive another rejection.

Tim Smith is a halfbreed. While his brothers all got their wolves, his never surfaced. When he sees Jessie for the first time, he feels a strong attraction to her. Over the last year that attraction has turned into a full-blown obsession.

He knows she’s home on winter break. He’s trying to do the right thing and stay away, but the pull to be near her is more than he can handle.

When a series of events brings them face to face once more, they will have to confront whatever this thing is between them.

Jessie says he’s her one true mate. But Tim knows that’s impossible. Or is it?

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Why can’t I just say no?

Marie Crenshaw hates nothing more than to disappoint people, especially those she cares about. When she lands herself in a bind having made a promise on behalf of a friend, she finds herself stuck to fulfill the obligation herself. Little does she know it leads her straight into the arms of her one true mate.

It sounds like a dream come true, but that’s never been her dream and the story doesn’t end there. When mysterious things start happening around her, Marie must learn a valuable lesson—don’t promise anything.

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Everyone has secrets. Mine’s just worse than most.

For the four years Kaitlyn has been at Archibald Reynolds College she has been watched over and cared for without question by each and every member of Delta Omega Gamma. Most don’t even know why and they never ask.

Now, she’s about to graduate and leave the safe haven they’ve created for her. She can’t go back home. She’s not sure she can survive on her own in the human world. But it’s time she stands on her own two feet.

Scared and alone Kaitlyn must face her life head on if she is ever going to rise above the demons of her past. Finding her one true mate threatens her new journey of healing, but also offers a new protection to hide behind.

For Kaitlyn to truly find love she must first learn to love herself, but in doing so she risks losing her one chance at true love.

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At six years old Tyler Klein made a promise to his best friend Josie. “When I grow up and get my wolf, I’m gonna make you my mate.” Back then he didn’t know a lot about mating, but he thought he knew a thing or two about love.

Josie’s family changed allegiances to a new pack shortly after that and the memory faded long ago, that is until Josie shows up at the ARC to visit a friend.

Tyler understands a lot more about mating now after seeing many of his fraternity brothers of Delta Omega Gamma fall to their true mates. But he doesn’t know shit about love or how to handle the fact that the girl of his childhood dreams is his one true mate.

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