A whole new chapter in my life begins today. After eight years of homeschooling, my oldest is returning to school for his last two years of high school. It has been an amazing journey and quite the whirlwind this month getting here. And you guys are all to thank for playing a part in making it happen. Roman will be attending a local private school, and while he was recruited for football, we only qualified for a partial credit. Private school was definitely not in the budget for this year, but as the numbers continue to climb for One True Mate, and so many other wonderful signs, we knew this was exactly where God wanted him. And today in about half an hour, he’ll set off on that journey on his first day of school!

So you may be wondering just how well is OTM doing? Wow! I don’t even know where to begin. Y’all are just blowing me away everyday with new record after new record this month. Since half the month was spent at the beach, I joked with my husband that maybe it’s just a sign I need to vacation more often! LOL So yesterday I hit yet another new high… 50 THOUSAND pages were read in the KU program yesterday alone. For the month of August it’s sitting at over 750,000 page reads, and last week it blew past the 1 million page reads mark in just 79 days. That’s crazy! I am so excited and so proud of this book.

In just four weeks (and one day) I release Fighting Destiny out into the world and I can’t wait to see what it does. Patrick may be my favorite character in the series… wait no, that’s Lily… shoot I really love Kelsey… ahhh, what about Cole Anderson?… Dang, wait to you get to know Chase better. hahahah Okay, so I can’t really choose, but I’m certain you’re going to love Patrick and Elise’s story.

Let’s see, so two weeks at the beach this month with family and friends was awesome! I definitely need more of that in my life. We got kicked off Hatteras Island in the great Blackout of 2017 and had to scramble to find a new beach house. That was an adventure, but we did, down in Kure Beach, NC and it turned out to be a wonderful time. I manged to finish writing Fighting Destiny and get it to editing on that trip and we really enjoyed checking out the new area as we also beach vacation on Hatteras Island, and we did for beach trip #2. My favorite place on earth. Now many would say… 9 teens and 4 kids does not a relaxing vacation make, but seriously, those guys were awesome and very laid back. It was a lazy week and just what a needed. I do always work at the week. This year it was both my regular 40 hour week, plus quite a bit of writing. I mean, who couldn’t write with these gorgeous views?!?








So right now, despite a couple obstacles, Fighting Destiny is on schedule for it’s September 26th release. I feel like I’m finally over a big hurdle in Sedition, book 3 of the Compounders, and while I worked that section out, I’ve been taking breaks and working on Liam’s story, book 3 in the Westin Pack Series. All good things!