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In the wake of terrorist attacks, economic collapse, and martial law, America has become a nation at war and a country at odds. Mike Jenkins was well prepared, and moved his family and friends to his totally secure compound on a remote mountain in western Virginia.

After several years, Holly Jenkins couldn’t wait for the elders to open the bunker doors, allowing her to roam at will, and feel free once again. Escaping to the sanctuary of her hidden cave would set in motion changes in her life heretofore unknown.

The AMAN presented a threat to the compound and the nearby towns; a threat that could not be ignored. They were prepared for war, but nothing could prepare Holly for her own battle between the two men she had grown to love… and the third she might be forced to marry.

Chaos will reign! Will love survive?

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Holly Jenkins spent most of her life sheltered by the Compounders in a secure bunker on a remote mountain in western Virginia. After a battle with the AMAN, the oppressive group that reigns over the area, her life is set on a new course. Leaving behind the comfort and safety of the Compound isn’t a choice for her. It’s something she has to do. 

When Griffon Maynor is captured by the AMAN, Holly’s squad springs into action on a rescue mission without question, even when it becomes obvious to them that her feelings for him have changed. But can they rescue him in time? 

New love ignites. New friends are made. New enemies are encountered. The lines between good and evil are blurred. Not everyone will survive. And when they finally make it home, everything has changed once again.

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Charlie Jenkins has big shoes to fill in the wake of his father’s death. He hasn’t always done the right things in the past, but he’s trying his best for his family, the Compounders, and all the residents of nearby Wythel, Virginia, the small town just down the mountain from the Compounder’s bunker. When his sister, Holly, goes missing, Charlie is fueled by anger, hatred, and resentment. Can he get past his emotions to be the man he was raised to be?

They aren’t safe. People are scared. The stakes are high. The enemy now knows exactly where they live. Change is inevitable. With the Compound once compromised, and Wythel more vulnerable than ever, it’s clear that both need a leader who can step up and give them hope. Can Charlie be that leader … or will his anger drive him to destroy them all?

* * * * *

You know Holly’s story from Book 2, The Compounders: Dissension. Now get a unique glimpse at what Holly left behind and how her friends and family coped in her absence in this parallel account from the perspective of Charlie and friends.

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Holly’s focus is on a single goal. To escape her AMAN captors and get back home. She’ll do whatever it takes, even if that means helping them along the way,

Torn between two fronts, Holly is seen as a wildfire of destruction to the ways of the AMAN, who want to use her to regain control of the rebels by carrying out their agenda. But the rebels call her the wildflower, spreading hope throughout the land. They look to her for guidance to rebuild, rise up, and destroy the AMAN.

Griffon’s desperation grows as they race against time. He has put all his faith in Holly’s ability to unravel the truth and discover what really happened to destroy the United States and if there is any hope in saving it. But Holly has her own agenda and finds an unlikely ally to help her along the way.

The stakes continue to rise. Holly is forced to choose between the man she loves and the principles she is compelled to uphold. Can she survive with her heart intact?