Only 2 more days until book 4 in the Westin Pack Series releases. Reviews from my ARC team are starting to roll in over on Goodreads and I am blown away by the responses. Many are calling it the best yet in the series. What?!?  Chase and Jenna’s story takes a different turn from the other books. It is not set in San Marco, and there are less of the characters you’ve already come to know and love, and a lot more you will quickly fall in love with! I was a little nervous about steering it in a new direction, but the positive feedback I’ve so far received has me super excited for Thursday’s release!

That said, if you prefer “real” books, Confusing Hearts is LIVE on Amazon in paperback. You can purchase today and receive on Thursday too. I felt bad for making y’all wait 3 months for Forever Mine, so I worked hard to ensure you’d have copies available in time for release this time.