This is day 10 and we’ve been running non-stop since we left. 12 states in 10 days. It was time for a break!

While we awoke to a warm 70° day, it was cloudy and overcast, meaning we had little desire to venture out. I got some work done on my next book, the older two were perfectly content to lay around talking and playing on their phones, and then there was Katy! She was going stir crazy by 10am.

We finally dressed for the day and headed out around 3:30. We made the drive across town to meet up with my cousin who is in town for a conference, but first…. we found a Rudy’s Barbecue and stopped for a really late lunch/early dinner. I don’t know what’s considered the “best” barbecue in Texas, but we love their brisket, sausage, and creamed corn! Katy nearly ate a quart of corn by herself! As we’ve only seen them in gas stations, by far the beat gas station food we’ve ever had. Lol

With full bellies we found a nearby movie theater and stopped in to watch Playing with Fire. It was cheesy, predictable, and we loved every second if it. The girls laughed so hard through this movie it was contagious.

Not a lot of pics from today as we were just vegging or enjoying our time together.

After the movie we drove over to Hyatt Hill Country Resort and met up with my cousin Jana. The girls had never met her before, a product of coming from a really big family sprawled out across the country. I have 22 first cousins, plus 4 sisters. There’s a lot of us floating around. Lol

The resort has these big fireplaces going in the lobby where you can toast s’mores over the open fire. The girls loved that.

It was really late when we made our way back to the hotel after a great evening with lots laughs.

Oh, and the wind and cold were insane! It literally dropped 40 degrees in about an hour today and the wind was horrific. Coming out of the theater Hope opened the door only to literally get thrown backwards sliding on her butt across the floor as the door slammed back in her face. And we dubbed the tree we parked under, the whomping willow, because the wind was causing the limbs to pound the top of the big pig like a scene from Harry Potter. Craziest thing ever!