That’s right. I didn’t blog yesterday before bed because I was exhausted and collapsed into bed early. Fresh air and exercise will do that. Day 11 I broke my 3+ week indoors streak and got out of the house.

For years and years James and I have discussed buying recreational property. This isn’t land we plan to live on, at least not anytime soon. Our checklist sounds relatively simple, but it’s not easy to find, so when something hit this week that checked all the boxes, we had to go look at it.

Curious as to our check list? It’s simple:

  1. Minimum of 20 acres
  2. Mostly raw land
  3. Able to shoot and hunt
  4. Water on property that has fish
  5. No more than 3 hours from home
  6. Bonus for already having a building we can store things.
  7. Double bonus if that building can be camped in.
  8. Bonus for well
  9. Bonus for electricity already run to property
  10. Big bonus if perked for future homesite way down the road

This particular property hit 8 out of 10. There is no electricity or well dug. That’s okay though. We are totally fine with off-grid camping, half the family even prefers it. Plus, in addition this site has even more wishlist items… there’s an outhouse. Most people wouldn’t get too excited about that, but when there are 4 ladies in the house, not having to squat in the woods is a huge plus. hahaha It also is surrounded by roughly 19,000 acres of state land in the area for additional hunting and fishing. And one of those lakes is even within walking distance. Fine, it’s maybe a mile, and I likely wouldn’t tote fishing gear that far, but my kids sure would!

The lot was far from perfect. It was cleared a few years ago and not maintained afterwards, so there is a lot of brush grown up at the moment and that means a whole lot of work to get it sorted the way we would want it. So that’s the great debate… are we willing to take on the necessary effort to turn it into what we want.

If nothing else, it was a great break from captivity. I realize I desperately need to make myself get out no matter what. Even just a walk in the neighborhood will work miracles right now. On our way back home, we stopped by a WMA so Roman could fish and I sat on the shore getting some writing done. It was so peaceful and truly restored my soul.