Texas is facing a cold front. Yuck! Found a good deal on a beachfront hotel in Galveston which is less than an hour from my conference in Houston later this week. So we slept in then packed up, said goodbye to San Antonio and made the 4 hour drive to Galveston.

But first…. the other morning with Rachel and Chloe we met for breakfast at a place called Snooze’s. They are a AM eatery meaning they only serve breakfast. So even though we didn’t check out until 11, breakfast was waiting.

I had gotten these amazing breakfast tacos that I probably already mentioned but am not going back to check. It’s the kind of food that makes your mouth water just thinking about it. The girls had sampled mine and were begging to go back and get some for themselves, so of course we stopped by Snooze’s on the way out. YUM!

Katy was the hold out, but her chocolate chip pancake topped with fresh banana was pretty amazing too.

Won’t lie, Snooze’s was probably the highlight of our day today. Lol Otherwise we just drove across Texas without stopping, checked in to the hotel, caught up on laundry, and walked next door in the freezing cold for dinner at Golden Coral, a Katy favorite – she’s 10, there’s a chocolate fountain and the dessert bar is nearly as big as the food bar, need I say more?