I took off the weekend, and planned to catch up yesterday, but woke up to a loud boom and no power. A tree fell on the transformer and we were out of power for much of the day. No worries, all is fine and we were only up about half a day. We didn’t even get to the point where we needed to fire up the generators. To pass the time, the kids and I played an intense game of Risk.

Saturday was a lazy day for much of it. I got a little writing done, but mostly we were lying low until I remembered the next day would be Easter and I hadn’t done anything to prepare aside from buy our Easter outfits. Yeah, I made my family dress up to stay home for Easter. Hey, some traditions shouldn’t be broke, not even for this coronavirus.

So, I left the house for the second day in a row, only this time, I ventured into society for the first time in over 3 weeks. James and I went together to Walmart. There were no lines and people kept a wide berth even going so far as to reroute down other aisles just so they didn’t have to pass us. There was 50/50 on those wearing masks and those not. And surprisingly, all the aisle were stocked. Sure some were a little thin and some items were being rationed with a limit of 1, but overall everything was there…. even toilet paper!

We were in and out and bought far too much junk food. Hey, 3 weeks indoors and junk food becomes a high demand luxury. Despite the presence of crap foods that I normally don’t buy or allow in the house especially in these quantities, I’ve lost 3 lbs in these last 2 weeks.

Easter was a little different this year, as I’m sure it was for most of you too. James had to get up and go to church as he was running sound for the live stream, but the kids and I stayed home. We got up and dressed in our Easter outfits and they were surprised with empty baskets and instructions that were taped to the front door. First, I dusted off the meat slicer and sliced approx 18lbs of meat – turkey and ham, and another 4lbs of cheese for sandwiches. We froze some and left some out for sandwiches this week. Yum!

When James came home we ate then started the egg hunt. 96 plastic eggs hidden around the yard. I learned my lesson once before when I packed plastic eggs with candy and treats, hid them in the yard the next before Easter, and by the time we got home from church and went egg hunting… they were full of ants, the dogs had tried to eat a few, and even peed on one. So this time I hid empty eggs. They each got tasked to find 24 eggs and then bring back to trade for candy. It was fun. They also got a new big box of sidewalk chalk and had to draw a picture for a bigger promise. Fine, it was money, but I have mostly teens, so they were thrilled. LOL

Our big dinner plans were a bust, but we made the most of it. My Instant Pot worked wonders as we made our first attempt at “boiled” eggs and then later “baked” potatoes. I’ll never make baked potatoes any other way. While that went great, the chicken we were supposed to have with it was still frozen solid. So we had to improvise with queso and nachos that were planned for Monday night. It was a bit of an odd assortment, but honestly, queso baked potatoes are amazing.

Monday aside from power outage and board games, we had a really great family dinner, and then James and I had a date night of Netflix and popcorn. If you need a good movie recommendation we loves Angel has Fallen was fantastic.

It’s been a long weekend filled with laughter, love, and family time, but today’s back on track for a full work day. Here’s a pic of my kids on Easter in their matching outfit. Yeah, James and I matched them too. It’s something I make them do every Easter. It’s tradition!