I hadn’t used Zoom before yesterday. I mean I’ve used dozens of similar video meeting programs over the years, but new to Zoom. Last week my brother-in-law set up a Zoom group for the family. So when my crazy Aunt Deanie said, come join my Zoom meeting at noon, I thought I was joining a family call. Nope…. it was a virtual Norwex party! If you aren’t familiar with Norwex, they sell chemical free cleaning products, which right now is, of course, awesome. Don’t worry, it’s still early in this quarantine period and I’m not bored enough to pick up a second career pimping mops and rags that destroy salmonella (though I did have salmonella poisoning last year and that mess is no joke!). I did agree to host a party though! More info on that later when I have a date to share, because now I have my eye on that duster too. hahaha

Later in the day for a pacific coast “lunch” meeting with the wonderful ladies of my RAM Paranormal Romance Authors group, I got my second look at Zoom. The thing I do like about it is that other apps limit face time viewing to 4 people at a time rotating out based on who is speaking, but with Zoom we had 15 on at one point and I could set it to see everyone. I did like that. Unfortunately, I was the only one that actually had lunch as I sat quietly listening while eating my Totino’s pizza cooked in my new Instant Pot Vortex Air Fryer.

Apparently when I get bored and stir crazy… I shop online. While that Vortex was an awesome purchase, someone really needs to take away my Amazon Prime membership! I had 3 packages arrive yesterday: a giant pot/water bath canning pot (I’ve never actually canned before, but since I’m planning on not killing my garden this year, I thought it would be a good thing to have); my medicinal and herbal tea garden seeds; and the third was a surprise package, and I do love surprises, from my mom, a NASA teeshirt that says “I need my space” and an awesome pair of nerdy book socks that said “So many books” “So little time” on the bottoms. They were supposed to arrive around the 20th for my birthday, which is the 26th of this month, but came way early. No complaints from me!

So that was the majority of my day until a terrible migraine attacked and I was wimpy and pathetic the rest of the night.

I did manage to get in some words on William. And I’ll post this again on update…. William is behind schedule, I know it, you know it. With the new laptop here, Bethany and I are diligently working to catch up. William and Hannah will both be releasing this month and by May we should be entirely caught up and back on schedule. To show I’m serious about William…. here’s the cover reveal, which I have yet to release beyond a sneak peek to my reader group.

Speaking of my reader group. If you are following here and you’re on Facebook too, you should totally join this group! Julie Trettel’s Book Lovers