After a relaxing night in Alamosa, CO at a really great Comfort Inn & Suites, we headed west.

We started in the Rio Grande National Forest and somehow came out in the San Juan National Forest with no idea when or where it changed. I believe they said we took Wolf Pass (how appropriate!)

We stopped at the top to take pics and play in the snow.

Katy even found a perfect shaped unicorn made of ice! (If you’ve read my Stones of Amaria series yet, you know I’m all about those unicorns right now!)

When we came out of the National Forest and at the base of a mountain we encountered Pagosa Springs. We decided to stop for lunch. Hope picked the Lost Cajun and honestly best cajun food we’ve had outside the New Orleans area! Highly recommend. The food wasn’t just great, but the staff was friendly, plus the atmosphere was upbeat and fun.

Talking with the waitress we asked about the area and if there were hot springs we could soak in. She gave us the run down on the biggest and best, the more affordable local places, and the free spots in the river.

One look at The Springs and we new we wanted to splurge on the big one! Being off-season right now meant we got a great deal and spent the rest of the day and night and this adorable little town that we all fell in love with! Hope’s ready to move to Pagosa Springs, CO!

The girls got a big kick out of these cute flags you had to hold up when crossing the street.

We spent the rest of the day/evening soaking in the 24 hot spring pools of The Springs. We didnt get a picture, but seriously y’all the mountains glow pink, like something out of a fairytale especially at sunset. It was amazing. Bethany hated it. The natural springs and the sulphur smell grossed her out, but she was a trooper and stayed anyway. Surrounded by so much beauty and the heated mineral waters relaxed us all. A perfect down day!