This is the second day in a row of sitting through Roman’s jigging lecture. He’s sort of addicted to fishing right now. I fed that addiction yesterday with a 3 month subscription to Karl’s Bait & Tackle mystery pro box. Hey, these mystery boxes give us a little excitement in life and something to look forward to…. we have a 20lb “Big Mix” box of candy and snacks arriving from next week.

The highlight of the morning was watching Roman lock Katy out of the house as she worked hard to find a way back inside. That included threats of moving into the Big Pig before riding her bike to the back yard because she was in her socked feet and the ground was wet, and then crawling through the doggie door.

I also have a plethora of plants sprouting. Seriously, I am usually a plant killer, but this year I was determined, even before Covid-19 struck. My sister Kari recommended I put 4 seeds in each of our cups to ensure I get enough healthy tomato and pepper plants to transplant to our raised garden beds…. we have about 97% viability… what am I going to do with 46 tomato plants?!?! Who else is gardening this spring? Post your pointers in the comments for this newbie.

On the book front… sent some specs over to two graphic designers for new book covers, wrote the intro to the next ARC Shifters book, worked on William some more, and had a Skype meeting with authors Heather Karn and Melanie Gilbert, as well as a few Messenger video meetings with the fabulous April Canavan. Being a writer can often feel like a lonely job during normal times….does anyone even remember what normal was?….but right now I think even those of us used to living a more isolated life and working from home in solitary are still feeling this lockdown and ready to climb the walls. Video apps are an amazing thing. If you aren’t using them now, do it! I promise you won’t regret it.

Cutting this short… UPS is here with today’s gifts! And yes, apparently isolation turns my brain this ADD. Focus is terrible making writing really really hard right now, but I will push through this.