After a good night’s sleep in Moab, Utah we were up and ready to go. Breakfast was good…bacon! Most hotels tend to serve sausage so it felt like a treat. It’s the little things!

To save money we rarely eat out twice, so free breakfast means we can easily snack through lunch and only buy dinner. We haven’t been extreme penny pinchers, but the girls would rather pick up things they want along the trip then spend all our oney money on food.

Anyway, after breakfast we packed up and headed to Arches National Park.

This place is amazingly beautiful. Seriously it doesn’t even look real.

And then we stopped at Sand Dunes Arch. Bethany really want to hike up to the arches, and we hadn’t come prepared. We had no water, wrong shoes, everything. I picked Sand Dune because it loomed the closest to the road on the map. LOL I know, that’s terrible. What a gem we found!

That’s the arch, but to get there….

Once inside the small canyon, the ground turned to red sand (orange, B will tell you). It was soft and not terribly difficult to walk in. And there were rocks everywhere to climb on! My girls were in heaven.

Hope did a full photoshoot of her sisters. Can’t wait to see the photos! (No, we didnt stop and buy a replacement camera for the one she lost. She used Bethany’s.)

We stuck around playing for quite a while before saying goodbye to our new favorite arch.

This one didn’t want to leave.

The drive back out was just as spectacular!

After a stop back in Moab for Mexican food (our first out here…the girls miss Pepe’s) we hit the road again heading for Arizona.

Benefits of off-season…I was able to book a room at Yavapai Lodge inside Grand Canyon National Park on the fly when they recommend booking months in advance because it fills up quickly.

After we checked in, instead of going straight to the room we headed over to Yavapai Point on the southern rim and looked out at this vast dark hole before us and a sparkling canvas of a million stars above us and just took a moment to appreciate this rare opportunity. It was amazing! No pictures. They could never do it justice anyway, but it will be a moment in life that I’ll never forget!