We awoke early (on purpose) and headed back to Yavapai Point to watch the sun rise on the Grand Canyon. It is a spectacular thing to see and I highly recommend if you ever get the chance. Watching the canyon come alive in the morning light will be another unforgettable moment for us.

Here’s some fun pictures of us as we watched and waited.

We also saw lots of wildlife in the park. Especially birds,

And elk.

The morning passed quickly and soon we were back on the road for another driving day.

We stopped by Petrified Forest National Park and the Painted Desert, but my phone was charging so no pics.

Notable things:

  1. I haven’t driven in two days. It’s a glorious thing having 3 drivers!
  2. My next book is moving right along, though it’s not easy to write with Percy Jackson being read aloud.
  3. Audiobooks are the greatest! This is really Katy’s first big series and we may have a reader for life now. She is so invested in these stories its hysterical. A new fangirl in the making!
  4. We’re now on book 3 of the Percy Jackson series.
  5. Katy really loves the national park visitor center “movies”. For the kid with the attention span of a knat, this is kind of a big deal!
  6. Hope is researching how to become a park ranger. For the girl about to graduate with no direction in life, this is kind of huge. It may or may not be the path for her, but its awesome to see her excited about something and ready to work towards it.
  7. Bethany has exceeded all her hours for required for driving to get her license. The others never much cared about that, but she’s been logging every second since day 1 using an app on her phone to track it.
  8. Cell reception with AT&T is horrifying in Utah and Arizona, but much much much better in New Mexico!
  9. If you’re keeping up, we’ve now been to West Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico since leaving Virginia.

We stopped for the night in Roswell, NM. Yeah, we’re nerds like that!