On a multi-week trip there’s bound to be a couple snags along the way.

Let me back it up a little on a couple things I didn’t mention already.

Arizona has the BEST sunsets!

New Mexico has really terrible roads!

And,, things got strange as we entered Roswell. This eerie thick fog set in the closer we got, then lifted, sort of when we entered Roswell. Very proud of my 3 creative types and the stories they weilded during the drive after we finished Percy Jackson book 3 inspired by the crazy fog.

Unfortunately I started getting sick to my stomach in the middle of the night. Plus the walls were thin and our neighbors LOUD! Didn’t get much sleep.

By the time we checked out of the hotel I was feeling even worse

We headed for the International UFO Museum, cause, well, Roswell! Shortly after we arrived my blood pressure spiked, I had a low grade fever, and a massive migraine that me veet nauseous. I didn’t last long and eventually headed to the van to lay down while the girls played and explored.

Hope stepped up and took over. So proud of her. They stopped at the Cowboy Cafe and then drove to Carlsbad National Park.

Unfortunately they closed the caverns a few minutes before we arrived and so all we got to explore was the visitor center

My fever broke there and my headache lifted. It left me with sore joints, but I pushed through and got us safely to San Antonio, TX before crashing for the night.

I call today a bust, but the girls have great memories the 3 of them made without me and for that I’m grateful!