Rachel Young is currently in San Antonio, Texas going through AIT for the National Guard. She is Hope’s best friend and like a bonus daughter to me. We haven’t seen her since she left for basic in July.

The first week of our trip was in high speed to get here in order to spend time with her over the weekend when she could get off base.

It was a sweet reunion as they ran towards each other then held on for dear life.

We met up at a place called Snooze’s. BEST breakfast tacos ever. My mouth literally waters just thinking about them! Later, while Hope and Bethany hung out with Rachel and her battle buddy, Chloe shopping and going to the Alamo,

Katy and I spent time exploring San Antonio’s Riverwalk.

She harassed me until I caved and took her on the Go Rio river barge cruise.

It was really cool to see how fascinated she was by the Spanish Rival influences in everything around her. I just may have an architecture buff on my hands!

Katy took a ton of pictures and I cannot wait to upload and glimpse life through her eyes.

We met back up for lunch with the girls and much too quickly it was time to say goodbye.

Back at the hotel Katy and I fell off the wagon. I had a no Cracker Barrel policy in place. It’s not because I don’t like Cracker Barrel. It’s just that I did a cross-country trip with the elders of my family several years back moving my uncle from Virginia to Texas and on that trip. They love their Cracker Barrel! After eating it for breakfast and dinner nearly everyday for the week+ it took to make the move, I try to avoid the place whenever traveling and give more local restaurants a chance. Lol

Plus, aside for a 3 Musketeers that Katy begged for a few days back, and a partial bag left over from Halloween that we still have the majority of, we’ve had no candy or chocolate on this trip! Until now…

Cracker Barrel is literally next door to our hotel, y’all! Katy and I stocked up on candy and fudge to make Hope not so sad about about saying bye to Rachel.

Two bites and Bethany and I were done and running back to Cracker Barrel for some real food. There’s just something about that familiar comfort food when you’re away from home!