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Upcoming Events

Facebook Event, April 23, 2021

Want a chance to buy signed copies of my books right from the safety of your home? Here’s your chance.
If you can’t attend the even live, search the group for #julietrettelbooks to find all of my postings  

NOLA Bookstars, New Orleans, LA     October 2, 2021

20160918_141456Hey guys!  I love meeting fans, avid readers, and fellow authors.  Stop by at any of the events listed above and say hi.  Be prepared to fangirl and talk about books.  Not only do I love writing, but I’m also a huge reader!

I love sharing my series with you: Compounders, Westin Pack, Collier Pack, ARC Shifters, and coming soon, Stones of Amaria. I keep limited stock of each book due to the sheer volume, so when available, please consider pre-ordering. It helps a ton! 

Can’t wait to see you soon!