The wait is over! Fierce Impact is now available on Amazon and free with Kindle Unlimited. Paperback is also available for purchase. I know, you are shocked that I actually did it. I finished this book in time to line up paperback with today’s release. Each new book I’m streamlining my business side and improving just a little bit more.

Those that have already finished reading are giving lots of positive feedback and I am so excited to hear what you think too. Reviews are always great, but if you’re truly not comfortable with that, it’s okay. Feel free to drop me a comment here, send an email, or look me up on social media. There are links all over this website, so I’m really not that hard to find.

Grant and Taylor were a lot of fun to right and I’ve been super excited to share this new series for a long time now. Patience is certainly not one of my virtues, so today is a big happy day.

Next up is going to be Painter’s story. It releases October 22nd and is already up for pre-order on Amazon. This is my first time publicly announcing that, so here’s a first look at the cover for Rising Storm, Westin Force book 2.

Click on this picture if you’d like pre-order your copy today!

And there’s still plenty more to come in this new series after that. I can’t wait to share it with you!

If you haven’t already gotten your copy of Fierce Impact, it’s never too late.