Here’s a small excerpt from Fierce Impact: a Westin Force Novel releasing July 23rd….

“Are you going to give me a name?” Kyle asked. “Come on, at least give me that much.”

“Tanner,” I told him.

“I doubt that’s true,” Kyle said. “Work with me here.”

“T,” Grant said. “If you can call Maddie, MC, then you can call her T.”

My heart leapt in my chest as he came to my defense. Shit! I have got to get out of here. He’s the type of man I could actually fall for and that cannot happen.

“T,” Kyle said. “Yeah, fine, for now. I won’t press for more, but I’m trusting her to your care, man,” he told Grant.

“Wouldn’t have it any other way,” Grant said staring deep into my soul as he spoke.

Oh boy, I’m in big trouble here. My brain immediately started going into overdrive evaluating my surroundings. It was time I found an exit plan, and quick.

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