If you have ever wanted signed books by me, here’s your chance.


Just fill out the form, I’ll send an invoice, and your books will be in the mail upon payment. It’s that simple. These make great Christmas gifts, though shipping is a little crazy right now and I can’t absolutely guarantee they’ll be there in time. They also make great splurges for yourself.

This Christmas season has definitely had a different feel, but not a bad one. I did all my shopping online this year. My kids and I have spent more time decorating, baking cookies, making candies, and other stuff we haven’t really made time to do the last several years. We go for drives to look at the Christmas lights, which are way more than usual around here. In fact, every store in my area is sold out of Christmas lights! Trust me, we tried to find more. Oh, and we’ve had a bad habit of pushing the tree to the last minute. It’s become almost tradition to put it up on Christmas Eve, but I’m proud to say with more than a week to go… we have a tree!

In the midst of this crazy time in our history it’s easy to be consumed by the negative things going on in this world. By nature, I’m a positive person so that doesn’t bode very well. I would love to hear something positive going on in your life or something fun you’re doing for the holidays this year.