I truly hope you’re all busy reading Can’t Be Love tonight. I can tell you, someone somewhere sure is. It’s been a great day for a new release and I’m so excited and proud to share Can’t Be Love. There was a lot of a pressure writing this story. I know many of you were super stoked to read from Lily’s perspective, and there was a lot of expectations and “I hope this” and “I hope that” going around. No offense, but I tried to ignore it all and just write the story that needed to be written. No, Lily didn’t even up with Cole Anderson…. but what she got was even better!

I’ve seen so many authors succeed early in a series and disappointingly change it up to the desires of the fans. It’s ruined some great series for me. I could have done that here, but I didn’t. I stayed true to Lily and I’m thrilled with the outcome, and from the feedback I’ve received today, so are all of you. THANK YOU!!!

Thanks for sticking it out to the end. YES, Westin Pack has come to a close, but this world I’ve created is far from over and I hope you’ll continue on this journey with me as I dive into Collier Pack and ARC Shifters. Two new series coming this Fall! Sneak Peeks for both can be found in the back of Lily’s book, and book 1 in Collier Pack, Breathe Again will go up for pre-order this Sunday evening.

Lots of exciting stories still to come!

Don’t forget, especially if you haven’t yet started the Westin Pack series yet, One True Mate is FREE in all marketplaces on Amazon. Download your copy today…. especially if you’re in the UK, because i’m sitting at #2 in Paranormal Romance for the 3rd day and a row, and do you have any idea how cool it would be to take that banner for BEST SELLER??? Anyway, Fighting Destiny is on sale for the first time ever at 99 cents. Forever Mine at $1.99, and Confusing Hearts is only $2.99. These deals total to half price on the series right now, so grab your copies quickly, because it won’t last long. In fact it ends in just 24 hours!

Happy Reading y’all