So, speaking of reviews yesterday, I did get my first review recently regarding Holly’s love life.

Reviewer – “I had a hard time with the love triangle….err…quadrangle……”

I was expecting this to come up eventually.  It was bound to happen, so let’s talk about it!

When I began writing this series I did NOT plan on a love triangle, “quadrangle” or whatever.  I’m honestly not overly fond of them myself.  It was supposed to be about a girl coming of age and experiencing life in a new world after having lived a very sheltered life.  It was supposed to be about survival and growing up with unknown obstacles, but you know, love is one of those obstacles.  It’s real, it happens, and as I remind my teens when my daughter even questioned it, many of their friends change boyfriends or “fall in love” every few weeks.  It is part of  growing up, coming of age and ultimately learning what you truly want and don’t want in relationships.  And that is really what happened here as the story evolved.

Holly Jenkins at the start of Book 1 is turning 17 years old.  She has thus far lived an extremely sheltered life and a whole new world is opened up to her.  Also keep in mind that Book 1 spans approximately 1 and a half years of her life.  So here’s a break down of the key love interests in her life and a brief description of each without giving away any real spoilers to the book!

Milo Weaver – Milo is the older brother of Holly’s best friend, Chris.  She’s grown up knowing him her entire life, even had some minor crushes on him as a kid.  Holly’s father and the Elders of the Compounders have determined they should be married and strongly encourage it after her 17th birthday.  Milo is the “Golden Boy” of the next generation.  He does everything he’s asked.  He’s been groomed for leadership in the Compound.  And was basically hand picked just for her.  BUT, while she resents the pressure, she finds he’s not entirely what she thought.  Milo’s a romantic!

Griffon Maynor – Griffon is the first person she meets outside of the Compound.  He’s crazy handsome, new, and exciting and she is crushing on him almost immediately.  He opens a whole new world to her that her father has strategically hidden her from.  He’s everything she ever dreamed about and she finds herself in over her head quickly, but does he make all her dreams come true?  Griffon may open her up eyes to the new world, but he doesn’t exactly want her part of it either!

Jared Hastings – Jared is an outcast among the town.  “Damaged goods,”  with a dark, lonely past.  He’s awkward and not very good with people and personal space.  He doesn’t even know what love is and he keeps his heart locked up tight.  They have some undeniable chemistry.  They make a great team and she grows close to him for different reasons.  She clings to him for survival, but is it really love?

Holly is still quite young.  She’s had to grow up pretty quickly through this book, though she doesn’t always handle situations in the best ways.  She has a big heart and loves deeply and is passionate about protecting those she cares about, but does she even really know what she wants in life yet?  She’s really just beginning to even experience it herself and often reacts without fully thinking things through or tries to pacify others putting her needs in second place which sometimes ends disastrous!   She’s a stubborn one for sure!

Hmmm, guess the big question really is, who will ultimately win her heart for good?  Can any of them?