For 2019 Heather Karn and I are taking on a project to showcase Indie authors. All authors work hard. Writing a book is certainly not easy, but Indie authors take on the additional tasks of editing, formatting, publishing, marketing, you name it, we wear many different hats and it’s a tough job, but there are so many amazing books and authors out there just trying to get seen. So every week this year we’ve chosen a book to highlight, simply because we love these books and we love these authors!

Up first, we have Clockwork Heart by Ira Robinson. If you never read any Steampunk before, this is a great short read to test it out.

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And in just 2 more days, Ira releases his next book, Slipped, a dark urban fantasy where the blurb alone gives me chills. I can’t wait to read it! You can check it out and pre-order your copy here:

I’ve only recently gotten to know Ira, but he’s an all-around great guy. If you’d like to learn more and stalk him on social media (I do!), here’s how to find him…