Where do I even begin with this one? First it’s ironic that Heather Hildenbrand is on tap for today when I just spent the weekend with her at Roanoke Author Invasion. I didn’t even know she was going to RAI this year when Heather Karn and I set the schedule for the year.

Let me tell you about this fabulous lady before I get into how amazing the entire Dirty Blood series is. I met Heather Hildenbrand for the first time at RAI 4 years ago. It’s truly hard to believe it was that long ago. I had one little book out, The Compounders, and attended as a reader. I met a lot of amazing authors there, but there was just something about Heather that made me comfortable enough to very awkwardly share my book and even give her a copy….the first copy I had ever given anyone and it was sooooo far out of my comfort zone to do that it was seriously comical. I’m proud to say I’ve come a long way in 4 years and have absolutely no trouble telling anyone and everyone that I am a proud author, but that too is largely in thanks to my beautiful friend.

When One True Mate blew up on me, I didn’t hesitate to reach out to Heather and say…. NOW WHAT?!?!? She helped me through so much more than she probably even realizes and will always hold a special place in my heart for it. This weekend was fun and laid back, just hanging out with my friends, Heather counted among them. She is a true inspiration with an enormous heart and love of giving back to the Indie community. She epitomizes the concept of #indiesupportindie and everything Heather Karn and I wanted from this project of highlighting an author a week in 2019 #indiebooklist. Fun fact. These authors have NO IDEA when theirs is coming, or even if it’s coming. Only Heather K and I know the list and order. If you would like to join us in posting to social media and blogging each week, reach out to me. I would love for others to join in and spread the love.

Now speaking of love, let’s talk Dirty Blood! I really don’t want to give this story away. It’s something you just need to read and experience for yourself. I will say this… my teenage daughter and her friends LOVE THIS SERIES too! I know they’ve each read it at least twice, probably more. It is one of the few books (series–I have all of them) that I actually own on paperback, kindle, and audio! Trust me, I’m a cheapskate and rarely buy on more than one platform, and usually stick to Kindle because it’s the cheapest. LOL I’m not even kidding. This book was worthy of diving all in. There’s 4 books in the series. You’ll want to read them all!

Here’s the blurb and buy links for Dirty Blood. Do yourself a favor and go ahead and buy it!

Tara Godfrey thought she was had life figured out. But all of her very high school, very human problems take a backseat when she’s attacked by a werewolf—and manages to put it down. And if that’s not enough to send her over the edge, the dead wolf shifts into the body of a naked girl. Panicked and terrified, Tara whirls—and comes face to face with the hottest, most mysterious, most dangerous guy she’s ever seen. And he’s not here to be friends…

Oh, and they are all on Kindle Unlimited too! If I could read it on that too, I would, unfortunately Amazon won’t count it since I already own it. LOL Love you Heather!!!

Be sure to follow Heather on social media. You can find those links and information on her and all her books here: http://heatherhildenbrand.blogspot.com/