Aidy wrote the whole first half of this book LIVE with her reader group. So much fun

Here’s the blurb…

This wolf is hungry…and he know just which thighs he wants to bite~

Aleksei is too damaged to fall in love or for anyone to love him. No brave wolftress would want to be mated to the Enforcer who couldn’t save their alpha from being assassinated. The last thing he needs is to be set up by the matchmaking widow of the man whose life he failed to protect, and to a Friendsgiving dinner with their whole family, at the strip club, none the less. What he needs is a decoy date to get everyone off his back.

Helena has purposefully pushed love away anytime it even looks at her funny. She won’t be burned like that again. She’s even gone so far as to get the one job in town that would keep men off her back. No one is going to make a pass at a plus-size manager of the Naughty Wolf gentleman’s club. Except, the town’s matchmaker doesn’t buy any of it.. Now Helena’s goal is to get through Friendsgiving without appearing like a pathetic loser who doesn’t have anyone to love them. What she needs is one of those growly Troika boys to act as her date just for one night.

Hungry Wolf is a holiday fake relationship story about a broken hero and a sassy curvy girl set in the Wolves Want Curves world where you’ll get to revisit all your favorite characters again. 

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