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A tradition-loving dragon is the only one who believes me when I tell him about the visions that haunt me. But will he abandon his thunder and follow me through the darkness to save a goddess?

My idol offered me a position in a brand-new country band, and I’m off to Summerland, Tennessee for a fresh start. The visions that haunt me have always felt real, but never more so than here. Tanner is the thunder historian, and he’s as sexy as he is studious. So I take a chance and share my visions with him. When the dragon’s goddess is captured at a mating ceremony, my vision is playing out in real time. The only way to get her back is to go deeper than I ever have before. Tanner says my visions line up with his thunder’s legends, but the rest of the dragons think I’m working for their enemy. With each kiss from Tanner, we see more, and step onto a dangerous battlefield to save the goddess. The rules are different here. He says I’m his mate, but is love enough to make him follow my lead if it means turning his back on tradition?

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Samhain Spell by Kristen Strassel

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