1st book in a 4 book series. Dragons, wolves, and witches. Lost sisters, and new families.

Here’s the blurb…

I’ve always had this desire to leave my hometown. Wanting something that I knew I would never find there.

I made my way to Colorado, working with Wolf Brothers Construction. I’m their architect and I created my own program to assist in my designs. I have a pig for a boss, but other than that, it pays well and I enjoy it.

I was fine with everything as it was, even with my boss. That is, until I met him, Alexander Frasier. The man invaded my every thought and dream from the moment I met him. He is also my client. A very important client. Which means he is off limits.

After defying my boss and going back to see the sexy Scot, at his request, I find out things about my past I never knew existed.

Can I survive what is to come? Or will I be forever lost?

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The Chieftain’s Mate by KJ Lavalle

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