The start of an addictive 10-book binge read with all types of shifters.

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He’s on a mission to find missing shifters.
She’s about to become one of them.

Abandoned as a baby, Amber Allen has never known another shifter like herself. She came to Shifting Sands Resort hoping for answers about her past, but she only finds questions about her future. She doesn’t understand the connection she has with the handsome stranger at the bar, but she knows that his arms feel more like home than anywhere she’s ever been.

When spy and tiger shifter Tony Lukin asked for an assignment somewhere warm, he wasn’t expecting that the real heat would be between the sheets. But he’s at the all-inclusive, shifters-only, clothing-optional luxury resort for only one reason, and it’s not the sapphire pool or the white sand beach… or the enchanting botanist at the bar offering to buy him a drink.

Tony’s real mission is to uncover who or what is behind the sinister disappearance of shifters from the resort over the last few years. He’ll have to move fast or risk losing everything… and the secretive owner of the resort seems to be doing everything in her power to stop his investigation.

Can Tony convince Amber that they’re destined to be together… before she goes missing, too?

TROPICAL TIGER SPY launches the epic, addictive Shifting Sands Resort. Every novel is a gripping standalone with a satisfying happy ending… but once you start reading, you’ll want to know all the secrets of this gorgeous tropical escape and the fascinating shifters who live there. One-click today to get started!

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Tropical Tiger Spy by Zoe Chant

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