It’s been a wild and crazy year and I hope you and your family are well. There’s a great discussion amongst authors right now as to how to proceed with sales and publishing. I’ve decided to continue with my schedule as planned. I think we all need a little normal in our lives right now and new reading material too. So today, the 4th book in my ARC Shifters series released – iPromise.

It’s been pushed back enough already and I truly hope you find it was worth the wait! This story is about Jackson and his mate/biggest gaming rival Tobi.

  1. He thinks she’s a dude.
  2. They’ve been gaming rivals since they were kids and let’s just say she was the cause of more than one broken television in his house over the years.
  3. As true mates they have a lot more baggage and history to overcome than most.
  4. An old enemy of Jackson’s is out for revenge.
  5. And there’s this little tid-bit where Tobi’s pack has planned on her mating her Alpha, Landon, since she was in diapers.

So really, what could go wrong?