Sometimes just keeping up with life is hard. This fall is flying by and I keep losing track of the days. Do you ever have that problem?

There’s lots going on around here. I have a very aggressive writing schedule through the end of the year to prepare for 2018. What was I thinking?!?! It’ll all be worth it in the end. In September I set a goal of 7 books to be written before New Years! YIKES!!! One down and off to editing, that’s Forever Mine, book 3 in the Westin Pack series and holy hotness, I love me some Liam Westin! Right now I’m working on finishing SEDITION, book 3 in the Compounders and the biggest of the 7. It was going really well, and then setbacks keep popping up like, yesterday autosave failed me and when the laptop shutdown I lost 1800 words, nearly an entire chapter. It’s a crushing loss, but I’m trying to rebound from it. Lots and lots of writing going on.

Let’s see…. One True Mate and Fighting Destiny are coming to audiobooks in 2018! I’m working in conjunction with Tantor Media and oh so excited for this new project.

November is going to be insane… DC, Vegas, TN, Baltimore… lots of upcoming travel and family time, so squeezing writing into the mix, and still working fulltime on top of it all, should prove a fast, fun month. I’m just holding on for the ride, trying to keep up!