I imagine this is true of most authors but I don’t just love to write, I LOVE to read! Honestly there isn’t too much out there I don’t/won’t read. I’ve never had a “genre” I love more than any other and I doubt I’ll ever write genre exclusive either.  So watch out!   The newest book I’m toying with is a paranormal novel and not dystopian, though fear not,  there’s still plenty of Compounders to come!

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of book reviews. That’s when an author gives you a copy of a book in exchange for an honest review.   Sometimes I swap books with other authors.   Sometimes I use it to get to know new authors.   Sometimes I just do it for the fun of it!

The latter was the case when I stumbled onto Lila Felix!  She’s one of the highlighted authors on the Facebook group Club YA.  She offered up a review group opportunity.   I was struggling with the ending to the 2nd Compounders and didn’t want to start a new series of reading so I thought great, just the distraction I needed and I signed up and was excepted into the group.

I had no idea what genre it would be or really anything about this particular author when I received a copy of “Seeking Havok”.

“Seeking Havok” tells the story of Havok,  an 18yo girl who’s had a really rough life,  daughter of a drug addict exotic dancer turned prostitute stars as one of 2 main characters.   The other being Fade, a local dj who’s life dream is to help and counsel and uses the show for that purpose.

It’s a story of friendship and love.   There are some rough real life issues in society that are tastefully covered and best of all it is totally clean!   How refreshing to have a romance novel you can pass along to your daughter with a healthy relationship depicted that isn’t full of graphic sex, violence,  and language!

Lila Felix’s writing is excellent and her characters captivating.  I was hooked from chapter one and have the reading hangover to prove it!

I don’t often promote other authors, but I can not say enough good things about this book and I’m thrilled to have stumbled across such a gem!

Lila Felix’s “Seeking Havok”  buy it, read it, love it, review it.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.