Despite what many authors recommend, I actually do read every single Amazon review. Yup, even the 1-stars. I check it every few days and take to heart what you write and the feedback given, so much so that, despite the popularity of One True Mate, I am in the process of having it properly edited and will be pushing out the new updated files sometime this summer. I appreciate your reviews, though some reviews are petty or irrelevant. I got a 1 star once because the user couldn’t get the book to load. My book didn’t really deserve that as a review, that was an Amazon issue, but it happens, and I really try not to take any of the reviews personally, so KEEP LEAVING THOSE REVIEWS!

This morning I checked in and had a new raving 5 star review for Confusing Hearts. Anything that starts with “Julie is a writing genius” is going to put a huge smile on my face! Then over to Fighting Destiny to find a solid 1 star new review. Talk about keeping my ego in balance! LOL

Fighting Destiny is by far the most contested book in the Westin Pack series. People either absolutely adore Elise or truly can’t stand her, and that’s okay. I’m happy that overall more people love her than hate her, but I do get it. Each of the Westin kids have their own unique personalities. Elise isn’t for everyone, but I do hope that if you are one of those that gave up at book 2, that you’ll consider moving on to 3 or 4, they are truly very different stories and personalities in each book.

So that said… which one do you love the most?

By the way, Can’t Be Love is coming June 28th! I can’t wait to share the final book in Westin Pack with you all. It’s been such fun watching Lily evolve in this book, and I know a lot of you were holding out hope for a Lily and Cole union, but I hope you can look past that and give poor Thomas a chance!