Have you noticed that www.julietrettel.com got a new makeover? I’m loving the new look. What do you think?

The other big breaking news of the week, NEW PROMISE IS NOW LIVE!!!!

If you are not in the US, use this universal link to find it in your store–> mybook.to/ARC5

New Promise is the 5th book in my ARC Shifters series. It takes place mostly in Collier Pack while Jessie is home on winter break. This book may sound a little familiar to you and that’s because it was originally released in the short run anthology New Year New Boo. If you read it then, you’re gonna want to read it again because I’ve added 5 new chapters to make it a full length novel now. That’s over 12,000 new words and for a limited time only it’s just 99 cents as a thank you to those that supported New Year New Boo and want to read the new extended edition too. This price won’t last long though, so please be sure to grab your copy soon.

I truly hope you’re as excited as I am for this new addition. The next ARC Shifter book will release on June 10th. It’s called Don’t Promise it will be Marie’s story.

Whenever I release an ARC Shifters book I get a spike in the big question… But will Kaitlyn get her book? I’ve made no secrets of this answer. YES, Kaitlyn will have a book. ARC Shifters is plotted out for a 10 book series. I know someone is going to be disappointed about a character who won’t get a book in this series, but Kaitlyn won’t be one of them! There’s a lot of stories left to be told.

Just look how awesome New Promise looks with the series as Jessie & Tim officially take their place in the ARC Shifter world!

Before ARC Shifters book 6 releases, I hope you are just as excited for my upcoming book Technical Threat. This will be book 4 in my Westin Force series and it is on pre-order now so be sure to place your orders. I have loved every book I have written, but Technical Threat is just a little extra for me and I hope for you too. I cannot wait to share it! Less than 5 weeks to go as it releases April 8th. PREORDER TECHNICAL THREAT HERE

Take care and best wishes,
Julie Trettel