Forgotten Promise is now available in Amazon on ebook and paperback. And free with KindleUnlimited.


And for a limited time only (Feb 16-18) you can download Pack’s Promise for FREE!


Fall back in love with Karis and Damon as they help – okay, help is a subjective term – Tyler as he walks through the craziness of mating his first love and childhood friend. Reunited after 15 years, Jose and Tyler’s story is the sweetest kind of friends to lovers story that takes you on an emotional journey of friendship, laughter, and love.

If you are new to my ARC Shifters series, you can start with Pack’s Promise and fall in love with Damon and Karis as you see how Tyler helped shape their story, and in kind Damon is happy to repay the favor as Tyler finds his true mate in Forgotten Promise.