W&P with Julie will be back next week. Sorry for the unexpected break in that blog series. I’m just busy doing life.

Fall volleyball season becomes my chaotic time. It’s why I purposefully didn’t schedule a new release for September or October. While I’ve graduated my oldest three, Kathryn is still homeschooled and very active in volleyball, plus during Fall season, I also coach middle schoolers. Juggling two teams and coaching takes up a lot of my time so I have tried to be gracious with myself this year in my new release schedule.

That said, last week I went ahead and released the second boxset for ARC Shifters. And then I forgot to tell anyone. LOL Eventually there will be 3 to complete the series. These aren’t new books, just a different format to purchase. 

Box Set 1 is books 1-4

Box Set 2 (new release) contains books 5-7


If you’re a boxset reader and have been waiting on this, well, here it is!

If you’ve read all three of these books as standalones already, then you’re good to go. There is no new content in this set. 

BUT if you have read them and would like to show a little love, reviews are always appreciated.

This set contains:
NEW PROMISE – Jessie and Tim’s story
DON’T PROMISE – Marie and Holden’s story
PROTECTED PROMISE – Kaitlyn and Landon’s story

Which ARC Shifters couple is your favorite? Drop me a comment and let me know.

Next week kicks off a brand new month where I’ll strive to do a little better with my W&P with Julie series as well as additional blog posts. I’m slowly finding my groove again, so bare with me.