I wasn’t great about promoting this one, but that doesn’t mean you want to miss out on it!


This is a Kate and Wyatt story. You may remember them from Can’t Be Love, all throughout Collier Pack, and of course, prominent members of Six Pack Shifters. Their original mating story released as a short story entitled His Destined Mate which can be found on Amazon OR read in paperback now as it is included in the backmatter of His Stubborn Mate, paperback version only.

So His Stubborn Mate showcases a different side of life for the first time. It takes place 12 years after their initial mating and focusing on a spicing up a stagnant life, real life issues and hardships, and overcoming obstacles together. It’s a neat take on the “marriage in peril” trope and I really think you’re going to love it!

Be sure to have a box of tissues when reading. I ugly cried my way through writing parts of this book, and based on reviews, that very much poured into this story. Oops!

Grab your copy today: https://mybook.to/SixPack4