High Risk


It appeared to be a year of mostly peace, but in the shadows a new enemy was stirring. A fatal threat posed against Westin Pack’s beloved Pack Mother proves it’s time for Delta to step up and remind them all just why this unit was created in the first place.

Each Westin Force team of operatives has a different focus. As the leader of Delta team, Michael’s biggest task is to ensure his team protects the Pack, especially the Alpha’s family.

 At times that’s included little more than territory runs, security checks, and babysitting dignitaries traveling outside Pack lines. But this time lives are on the line and it’s up to Michael to make the calls that could mean the difference between life and death.

 When he stumbles across his one true mate, his position becomes compromised. He must face an internal battle to decide what’s more important—the needs of the Pack or what’s best for his heart. Can he find the balance necessary to have it all before it’s too late?


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