Fifteen years ago a celestial battle occurred. You won’t find anything about it in your human history books. It’s part of an ancient war between the sun and the moon. The sun may have won that battle, but the war is far from over. The inhabitants of the moon were able to send their children down to Earth to be raised in secret amongst the humans, biding time until the next generation rises to take their rightful places on the moon, restore their power, and defeat the children of the sun.

Emily and Chase Crawford are the only elder survivors known. They have built a safe haven at Armstromg Academy for the 223 surviving children to grow, thrive, and train. Most don’t know who they really are until they arrive for freshman orientation and learn the truth of their ancestry.

An old prophecy says that on their 17th birthdays in the year of 2020, 12 will rise to lead the next rebellion and win the war. They were only 2 years old when they arrived on this planet and remember no other life, but they have no choice, because the full moon is rising and everything is about to change Our first hero is coming of age.

What will the Wolf Moon awaken?

Stay tuned to find out.