In case you missed it. Yesterday in my newsletter I sent out a teaser for Rising Storm. Let me take a second and introduce you to Emma. Emma isn’t like the other shifters in my world. She’s lived in her gorilla form a long time and has no plans to ever return to her skin. She didn’t have the greatest life growing up and she definitely has her reasons for this decision. She’s sometimes temperamental. She struggles with social norms. And she’s occasionally a bit too literal and doesn’t always get sarcasm or commonly used phrases that don’t mean exactly what they say. She’s quirky but she’s also loving and protective, she’s funny though she doesn’t always mean to be. And she’s very open, honest, and a bit naive. She’s been so fun to write and I can’t wait for you guys to meet her. Poor Painter has his work cut out for him with this one. Let’s hope he’s up to the task.

Here’s the excerpt from Rising Storm that went out in my newsletter yesterday:

“Still won’t shift?” Baine asked.
“Nope. I had hoped introducing her to my gorilla would help.”
“How is that going to help?”
“You know, let her get to know me a little better.”
“You sure there’s not something wrong with her?”
I could see the worry on my mate’s face.
“Grant says physically she’s fine now.”
“Have you tried coaxing her out?”
“I don’t want to push her too much.”
“Well, maybe she just can’t shift.”
“Why wouldn’t she be able to shift?”
Baine shrugged. “Maybe she’s not actually a shifter.”
Painter snorted. “She’s definitely a shifter. Trust me on that.”
“Well there is only one other reason I can think of.”
“What?” Painter asked.
“Maybe she’s pregnant, like with that animal’s kid or something.”
Painter started grunting and snorting. I could tell he was beyond stressed and starting to freak out. I wanted to smack Baine for even saying such a thing.
Before I realized what was happening, I had shifted. “I’m not pregnant, okay!”
They didn’t even have time to react before I shifted back.
Baine grinned like he was proud of himself and smacked Painter in the chest. “See, she just needs a little coaxing.”

Rising Storm is on Pre-Order and releases October 22nd. Reserve your copy today!