Hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving. Despite all the obstacles and uncertainty of 2020, my family has much to be thankful for this year. Many blessings to you all. For today, here’s a little dinner chat snippet from One True Mate.

“Mmm, this is really good, mom.” I praised her perfectly cooked, juicy turkey with all the fixings. My mother always went above and beyond on Tuesday night family dinners. You’d think it was Thanksgiving every Tuesday in the Westin house.

“It really is, Mary, thank you so much for having me over,” Vanessa said in a cheery voice complete with sugary sweet smile before turning her attention to Kelsey. “Kelsey, so tell me, what’s it like working for Kyle?” Her laugh tinkled through the room as she laid her hand possessively on my forearm.

It took every bit of reserve not to push her away. How dare she show such disrespect to my mate! But I had to stay focused and remember, no one knew Kelsey was my mate because in the two years I had known her I had never made my intentions clear. I didn’t want to paint an even bigger target on her back by doing something stupid, and that reminder kept me glued uncomfortably in my chair watching her closely from across the table.

To her credit, Kelsey kept a perfect composure, though I could clearly feel her frustrations and anger rolling off her. It was so strong, I wouldn’t be surprised if the others noticed it too. Next, I felt a brush against my leg under the table and I couldn’t wipe the grin from my face. I extended my leg feeling triumphant as my one true mate reached for me discreetly with her own leg. She rubbed her foot up and down my leg causing me to harden and thank God we were sitting down. Then she took a controlled deep breath before replying as my wolf howled in victory at one of the first signs that she truly did feel our connection too.

“Working with Kyle is a new adventure every day. Most of the time he’s a complete pain in my ass, though,” she replied so sweetly and innocently that I choked on the bite of corn I had just put in my mouth.