Today’s snippet comes from Fierce Impact, book 1 in my Westin Force series.

I was amazed at how easily Taylor and I had transitioned into mated life. It was far different than mating life which had been crazy and stressful. Now we seemed to be in perfect synch.

Each morning we woke early, and I started my day by making love to my beautiful mate. Then I left her to shower while I made coffee. When she was done, I took my turn in the shower while she made protein shakes for us to grab with a piece of fruit for breakfast and packed us a hearty lunch for later. We drove together down to the Lodge in time for the morning briefing, followed by workouts.

I caught some shit for ogling my mate, especially during warmups, but anytime she caught me staring, she’d blush and yell at me to keep my eyes to myself. That only made the guys laugh. I didn’t mind. She had fit right in place and in a matter of days had every one of my Force brothers wrapped around her little finger.

She also had scored the whole team huge points with Archie. That was an unbelievable feat. He was much more pleasant to be around than usual.

“Eyes off her ass, Grant,” Silas barked as we warmed up as a unit.